Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cross Stitch Gaming Sprites

I was recently given a cross stitch magazine by a visitor. I hadn't cross stitched since I was little (I made an egg cozy with a chick on it in Brownies!), but I tried out a simple design with my free gift, and made these adorable sweeties.

My husband was fascinated with how simply and quickly the designs came together. "They look like pixels" declared his inner computer geek. "Can I have a go?"

He took a few hours over this Pokemon sprite, and we both thought it looked brilliant. I've seen Hamma Bead sprites before, but hadn't thought to interpret sprites into cross stitch. Being big fans of retro games, we both got stitching. Next, he made my favourite characters from Final Fantasy VI.

I've since made Chrono from Chrono Trigger and Mog from Final Fantasy 6. I think these look great! And they'll be a great way to customise a gift for a retro gamer. Sprites are small, and so the designs only take a couple of hours at most to complete, so they're a brilliant quick project. Does anyone else do this? I'd love to see any other cross stitched sprites!

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