Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Craft Organisation

I live in a small one bedroomed flat with my husband. I hate throwing things away, especially if it has craft potential, and so the amount of stuff in our flat can get a little overwhelming!

Storage space is at a premium, and I had completely run out of cupboards, draws and shelves. The solution? Make use of doors!

This door hanging storage was very easy to make. I used some orange canvas fabric I already had to make the backing on which to hang the pockets (I'd bought it very cheaply several years ago because it was stained). The bottom pocket is made from the back of a pair of jeans (left over from my patchwork quilt and cushion). This allowed me to use the pockets of the jeans as extra storage for small things. I used velcro to keep the largest pocket closed.The other pockets are made from cotton fabric I had knocking about, and I used cutoffs of patterned fabric to add extra details to the white pockets.

I riveted the top corners, and used old shoelaces threaded through the rivets to attach it to the door.

I'm using this to store my card making supplies and colouring books. The large bottom pocket has my colouring books and pens, the front jeans pocket has my colouring pencils. The other pockets contain card making supplied; paper stock, blank cards and envelopes, finished cards, and old birthday cards for butchering.

This has freed up storage space elsewhere in the house, and has definitely helped to clear my desk! It also used up some of my fabric supplies in the process!

What are your top tips for storage when space is at a premium?


  1. This is such a simple but fabulous idea! I should really make some of these for our flat, far too much fabric lying around and no where to put it or anything else!

    1. Thanks Katie!

      It is so useful, I think I'll have to make a few more, maybe one for fabric storage. Our flat is so untidy and it feels like a constant battle because so many things don't have a place to live!