Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wedding Crafts

 My brother-in-law recently got married. Everyone had a great day. I helped with some of the organisation as well as reading a prayer on the day, and I did quite a lot of wedding related crafting for the special day!

I helped the bride make this seating plan, using card, paper and stick on butterflies! The wedding was Disney themed, and so I helped to print off text using a free Disney font I downloaded, as well as a picture of Ariel from the Little Mermaid getting married, to match the couples' wedding invitations.

They hadn't set up a gift list as they had already set up home together, but I really wanted to get them a thoughtful present they'd appreciate. I scoured the internet for ideas and eventually hit upon this little gem; maps of where the couple were born, met and married. This particular couple love to hang sentimental items on their walls, so I knew they'd appreciate this. After finding a suitable frame I cut the maps into heart shapes and decorated with pictures of flowers. I used little slips of coloured paper to add names and dates. (Top Tip: Check the details with a family member, I got the bride's place of birth wrong and am going to have to edit their present. Good job they have a good sense of humour ;) )

A quick google search will show lots of other ideas and suggestions around this map theme for newly weds. I particularly love map-crafts at the moment!

I also decided to add the finishing touches to my wedding outfit myself. I crocheted the simple shawl using granny stripes. I'm not a very skilled crocheted so it wasn't shaped, but I sewed on pink buttons to hold it in place. I deliberately chose some beautifully soft yarns that matched my dress. I used Yarn scraps to crochet the flower in my hair too, which I attached to a clip.

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